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Jewish End-time Ministries is the result of years of dedication, service, and the burden of one Jewish man, Dr. Henry A. Benach.

Raised in an Orthodox Jewish home in Cleveland Ohio, Henry attended Hebrew School and performed his BarMitzva. (Son of the commandment) Henry drifted away from his religious upbringing to try to find the meaning of life through worldly riches. Studying Psychology, joining a Buddhist cult, and becoming a Rock and Roll disk jockey did not satisfy this desire.

On July 22, 1978, Mrs. A.J. Catchings called his house by mistake??? She invited Henry to come to her church the next day to hear two ladies who had been in the Moonie religion. Henry accepted, and that weekend he went to the Alexander City Baptist Tabernacle, in Alabama.

After Pastor Dennis Walker finished preaching, Henry, under tremendous conviction, realized that the Messiah of the Old Testament IS the Jesus of the New Testament, and accepted him as his personal Savior. Soon after, he left the Radio business for a new life in Messiah. He sincerely desired to serve the Lord who had changed his heart.

After graduating from Tennessee Temple University in 1982, Henry and his family moved back to Cleveland to share with the 80-thousand Jewish people the great truth he had learned. A Church was started and many lives were changed.

From 1989 until 2005 Henry Benach oversaw a ministry to the former Soviet Union that resulted in the professions of faith of over Seventy Thousand people! A number of new churches were established, and a full time worker is now on the field of the Ukraine. From 2005 to present, Dr. Benach has been traveing to the nation of Cuba where thousands of people came forward to receive Christ. Hundreds of house Churches have been started and a National Missionary is working full time to further this exciting ministry. New fields are opening on a regular basis and Dr. Benach and JEM Mission staff members are expanding the work of Jewish Evangelism worldwide. Other workers are now located around the globe and are sharing the message that Henry Benach received nearly Thirty years ago. We invite you to join with us in this End-Time Outreach.

After 41 years of marriage and three wonderful daughters, Dr. Benach’s wife Sara Benach went home to be with the Lord.

God brought Victoria Starchenko into his life and they were married in November of 2015

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