Our Van Ministry

We understand, because of the busy schedule of families today, there are reasons why parents cannot take their children to church. Additionally, with the high gas prices even some adults find that they lack transportation to get to church. With this in mind, it is our desire to provide every individual with the opportunity to attend church.

At First Baptist Church we have qualified workers who will arrive at your home at a regular time to transport you and/or your children to, and back home from church.

You will be informed of special events at the church for you and/or your children. If the return home time is different from the usual time you will be made aware of this also.

If you allow your children to travel to church with us, we understand the trust you are placing in our staff. Therefore we only allow drivers who are trained and have a good driving record to operate our vehicles. We will endeavor to always have two adults in each vehicle to insure the safety of your children. First Baptist church has two 15 passenger vans and has just purchased a 78 passenger bus, we are willing to go where needed to see that anyone wanting to attend will have transportation available.

For information about the Van Ministry or any aspect of our Church Ministry please feel free to call Pastor Boyce at (734) 782-3073